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  1. Which of these options must you configure in an HTTPS-proxy policy to detect credit card numbers in HTTP traffic that is encrypted with SSL? (Select two.)
    1. Webblocker
    2. Gateway Antivirus
    3. Application Control
    4. Deep inspection of HTTPS content
    5. Data Loss Prevention
  2. How can you prevent connections to the Fireware Web UI from computers on optional interface Eth2? (Select one.)
    1. Remove Eth2 from the Any-Optional alias.
    2. Remove Any-Optional from the To list of the Watchguard Web UI policy.
    3. Remove Any-Optional from the From list of the Watchguard policy.
    4. Remove Any-Optional from the To list of the Watchguard policy.
    5. Remove Any-Optional from the From list of the Watchguard Web UI policy.
  3. Which authentication servers can you use with your Firebox? (Select four.)
    1. Active Directory
    2. RADIUS
    3. LDAP
    4. Linux Authentication
    5. Kerberos
    6. TACAS+
    7. Firebox databases
  4. From the Fireware Web UI, you can generate a report that shows your device configuration settings.
    1. True
    2. False
  5. Which tool can view a list of users connected to the Firebox? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  6. After you enable Gateway AntiVirus, IPS, or Application control, how can you make sure the services protect your network from the latest known threats? (Select one.)
    1. Enable default packet handling.
    2. Configure reputation Enabled Defense.
    3. Enable automatic signature updates.
    4. Enable HTTPS deep inspection.
  7. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Scans files to detect malicious software infections. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Gateway / Antivirus
    3. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    4. Spam Blocker
    5. Quarantine Server
  8. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Uses rules, pattern matching, and sender reputation to block unwanted email messages. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Gateway / Antivirus
    3. Spam Blocker
    4. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    5. APT Blockers
  9. Only 50 clients on the trusted network of your Firebox can connect to the Internet at the same time. What could cause this? (Select one.)
    1. The Live Security feature key is expired.
    2. The device feature key allows a maximus of 50 client connections.
    3. The DHCP address pool on the trusted interface has only 50 IP addresses.
    4. The Outgoing policy allows a maximus of 50 client connections.
  10. To enable remote devices to send log messages to Dimension through the gateway Firebox, what must you verify is included in your gateway Firebox configuration? (Select one.)
    1. You can only send log messages to Dimension form a computer that is on the network behind your Firebox.
    2. You must change the connection settings in Dimension, not on the gateway Firebox.
    3. You must add a policy to the remote device configuration file to allow traffic to a Dimension.
    4. You must make sure that either the WG-Logging packet filter policy, or another policy that allows external connections to Dimension over port 4115, is included in the configuration file.
  11. You configured four Device Administrator user accounts for your Firebox. To see a report of witch Device Management users have made changes to the device configuration, what must you do? (Select two.)
    1. Start WatchGuard System Manager for the device and review the activity for the Management Users on the Authentication List tab.
    2. Connect to Report Manager or Dimension and view the Audit Trail report for your device.
    3. Open WatchGuard Management Server and review the configuration history for managed devices.
    4. Configure your device to send audit trail log messages to your WatchGuard Log Server or Dimension Log Server.
  12. You can use Firebox System Manager to download a PCAP file that includes packet information about the protocols that manage traffic on your network.
    1. True
    2. False
  13. What is the best method to downgrade the version of Fireware OS on your Firebox without losing all device configuration settings? (Select one.)
    1. Restore a saved backup image that was created for the device before the last Fireware OS upgrade.
    2. Use the Upgrade OS feature in the Fireware Web UI to install the sysa_dl file for an older version of Fireware OS.
    3. Change the OS compatibility setting in Policy Manager to downgrade the device. Then use Policy Manager to save the configuration to the device.
    4. Use the downgrade feature on Policy Manager to select a previous version of Fireware OS.
  14. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Manages use of applications on your network. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    3. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    4. Application Control
    5. APT Blocker
  15. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Cloud based service that controls access to website based on a site’s previous behavior. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    3. WebBlocker
    4. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    5. Application Control
    6. Quarantine Server
  16. If you disable the Outgoing policy, which policies must you add to allow trusted users to connect to commonly used websites? (Select three.)
    1. HTTP port 80
    2. NAT policy
    3. FTP port 21
    4. HTTPS port 443
    5. DNS port 53
  17. From the SMTP proxy action settings in this image, which of these options is configured for outgoing SMTP traffic? (Select one.)
    1. Rewrite the Mail From header for the example.com domain.
    2. Deny incoming mail from the example.com domain.
    3. Prevent mail relay for the example.com domain.
    4. Deny outgoing mail from the example.com domain.
  18. You can configure your Firebox to automatically redirect users to the Authentication Portal page.
    1. True
    2. False
  19. Match the monitoring tool to the correct task. Which is not a Fireware monitoring tool? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  20. In this diagram, which branch office VPN tunnel route must you add on the Site A Firebox to allow traffic between devices on the trusted network at Site A and the trusted network at site B? (Select one.)
    1. Local: <-->
    2. Local: <--> Remote:
    3. Local: <--> Remote:
    4. Local: <--> Remote:
  21. Match each type of NAT with the correct description: Conserves IP addresses and hides the internal topology of your network. (Choose one)
    1. 1-to1 NAT
    2. Dynamic NAT
    3. NAT Loopback
  22. Your company denies downloads of executable files from all websites. What can you do to allow users on the network to download executable files from the company’s remote website? (Select one.)
    1. Add an HTTP proxy exception for the company’s remote website.
    2. Create a WebBlocker exception to allow access to the company’s remote website.
    3. Create an IPS exception.
    4. Create a Blocked Sites exception.
    5. Configure HTTP Request > URL Paths to allow the company’s remote website.
  23. Which WatchGuard tools can you use to review the log messages generated by your Firebox? (Select three).
    1. Firebox System Manager > Traffic Monitor
    2. Fireware XTM Web UI > Traffic Monitor
    3. Firebox System Manager > Status Report
    4. Dimension > Log manager
    5. WatchGuard System Manager > Policy Manager
  24. Which tool is used to see a treemap visualization of the traffic through your Firebox? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  25. An email newsletter about sales from an external company is sometimes blocked by spamBlocker. What option could you choose to make sure the newsletter is delivered to your users? (Select one.)
    1. Add a spamBlocker exception based on the From field of the newsletter email.
    2. Set the spamBlocker action to quarantine the email for later retrieval.
    3. Add a spamBlocker subject tag for bulk email messages.
    4. Set the spamBlocker virus outbreak detection action to allow emails from the newsletter source.
  26. You can use Firebox-DB authentication with any type of Mobile VPN.
    1. True
    2. False
  27. When you configure the Global Application Control action, it is automatically applied to all policies.
    1. True
    2. False
  28. Which tool can add an IP address for the Firebox to permanently block? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  29. You have a privately addressed email server behind your Firebox. If you want to make sure that all traffic from this server to the Internet appears to come from the public IP address, regardless of policies, which from of NAT would you use? (Select one.)
    1. In the SMTP policy that handles traffic from the email server, select the option to apply dynamic NAT to all traffic in the policy and set the source IP address
    2. Create a global dynamic NAT rule for traffic from the email server and set the source IP address to
    3. Create a static NAT action for traffic to the email server, and set the source IP address to
  30. You need to create an HTTP-proxy policy to a specific domain for software updates (example.com). The update site has multiple subdomains and dynamic IP addresses on a content delivery network. Which of these options is the best way to define the destination in your HTTP-proxy policy? (Select one.)
    1. Configure a host name for update.example.com.
    2. Configure an FQDN for *.example.com.
    3. Add IP addresses that correspond to each software update server in the domain.
    4. Create an alias for all subdomains and known IP addresses for example.com.
  31. Which of these options are private IPv4 addresses you can assign to a trusted interface, as described in RFC 1918, Address Allocation for Private Internets? (Select three.)
  32. Which of these threats can the Firebox prevent with the default packet handling settings? (Select four.)
    1. Access to inappropriate websites
    2. Denial of service attacks
    3. Flood attacks
    4. Malware in downloaded files
    5. Port scans
    6. Viruses in email messages
    7. IP spoofing
  33. How can you include log messages from more than one Firebox in a single report generated by Dimension? (Select two.)
    1. You cannot see report data in Dimension for more than one device.
    2. Create a device group and view the reports for that group.
    3. Create a report schedule that includes all the devices you want to include in the report.
    4. Export report data as a single PDF file for all the devices you want to include in the report.
  34. Match each type of NAT with the correct description: Changes and routes all incoming and outgoing packets sent from one range of addresses to a different range of addresses. (Choose one)
    1. 1-to1 NAT
    2. Dynamic NAT
    3. NAT Loopback
  35. When your users connect to the Authentication Portal page to authenticate, they see a security warning message in their browses, which they must accept before they can authenticate. How can you make sure they do not see this security warning message in their browsers? (Select one.)
    1. Import a custom self-signed certificate or a third-party certificate to your Firebox and import the same certificate to all client computers or web browsers.
    2. Replace the Firebox certificate with the trusted certificate from your web server.
    3. Add the user accounts for your users who use the Authentication Portal to a list of trusted users on your Firebox.
    4. Instruct them to disable security warning message in their preferred browsers.
  36. To prevent certificate error warnings in your browser when you use deep content inspection with the HTTPS proxy, you can export the proxy authority certificate from the Firebox and import that certificate to all client devices.
    1. True
    2. False
  37. Users on the trusted network cannot browse Internet websites. Based on the configuration shown in this image, what could be the problem with this policy configuration? (Select one.)
    1. The default Outgoing policy has been removed and there is no policy to allow DNS traffic.
    2. The HTTP-proxy policy has higher precedence than the HTTPS-proxy policy.
    3. The HTTP-proxy policy is configured for the wrong port.
    4. The HTTP-proxy allows Any-Trusted and Any-Optional to Any-External.
  38. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Uses signatures to provide real-time protection against network attacks. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    3. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    4. Application Control
    5. APT Blocker
  39. How is a proxy policy different from a packet filter policy? (Select two.)
    1. Only a proxy policy examines information in the IP header.
    2. Only a proxy policy uses the IP source, destination, and port to control network traffic.
    3. Only a proxy policy can prevent specific threats without blocking the entire connection.
    4. Only a proxy works at the application, network, and transport layers to examine all connection data.
  40. To use the Web Setup Wizard or Quick Setup Wizard to configure your Firebox or XTM device, your computer must have an IP address on which subnet? (Select one.)
  41. You can configure your Firebox to send log messages to how many WatchGuard Log Servers at the same time? (Select one.)
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. As many as you have configured on your network.
  42. Match the monitoring tool to the correct task. Which tool can learn the status of your IPS signature database? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  43. When your device is in a default state, to which interface do you connect your management computer so you can use the Quick Setup Wizard or Web Setup Wizard to configure the device? (Select one.)
    1. Interface 0
    2. Console interface
    3. Any interface
    4. Interface 1
  44. A local branch office VPN tunnel route is configured as shown in this image. On the remote peer device, what must be configured as the remote network address for this tunnel route? (Select one.)
  45. Match each type of NAT with the correct description: Allows a user on the trusted or optional network to connect to a public server that is on the same physical Firebox interface by its public IP address or domain name. (Choose one)
    1. 1-to1 NAT
    2. Dynamic NAT
    3. NAT Loopback
  46. With the policies configured as shown in this image, HTTP traffic can be sent and received through branch office VPN tunnel.1 and tunnel.2.
    1. True
    2. False
  47. he policies in a default Firebox configuration do not allow outgoing traffic from optional interfaces.
    1. True
    2. False
  48. A user receives a deny message that the installation file (install.exe) is blocked by the HTTP-proxy policy and cannot be downloaded. Which HTTP proxy action rule must you modify to allow download of the installation file? (Select one.)
    1. HTTP Request > Request Methods
    2. HTTP Response > Body Content Types
    3. HTTP Response > Header Fields
    4. WebBlocker
    5. HTTP Request > Authorization
  49. If your Firebox has a single public IP address, and you want to forward inbound traffic to internal hosts based on the destination port, which type of NAT should you use? (Select one.)
    1. Static NAT
    2. 1-to1 NAT
    3. Dynamic NAT
  50. Which of these actions adds a host to the temporary or permanent blocked sites list? (Select three.)
    1. Enable the AUTO-block sites that attempt to connect option in a deny policy.
    2. Add the site to the Blocked Sites Exceptions list.
    3. On the Firebox System Manager > Blocked Sites tab, select Add.
    4. In Policy Manager, select Setup > Default Threat Protection > Blocked Sites and click Add.
  51. From the Firebox System Manager >Authentication List tab, you can view all of the authenticated users connected to your Firebox and disconnect any of them.
    1. True
    2. False
  52. What is one reason that users could see a certificate warning in their web browsers when they connect to Fireware XTM Web UI? (Select one.)
    1. The Firebox or XTM device uses the default self-signed certificate.
    2. The auhentication server does not respond after three minutes
    3. The user has been previously added to the Blocked Sites list.
    4. The user or group is not present in the Firebox User database.
  53. Clients on the trusted network need to connect to a server behind a router on the optional network. Based on this image, what static route must be added to the Firebox for traffic from clients on the trusted network to reach a server at (Select one.)
    1. Route to, Gateway
    2. Route to, Gateway
    3. Route to, Gateway
    4. Route to, Gateway
  54. Which policies can use the Intrusion Prevention Service to block network attacks? (Select one?)
    1. Only HTTP and HTTPS Proxy policies
    2. Only proxy policies
    3. All policies
    4. Only packet filter policies
    5. Only inbound policies
  55. What settings must you device configuration file include for Gateway AntiVirus to protect users on your network? (Select two.)
    1. Configure a policy to use a proxy action that has AntiVirus settings configured.
    2. Install the Gateway AntiVirus server on your network.
    3. Configure Gateway AntiVirus settings for a proxy action.
    4. Disable automatic signature updates.
    5. Decrease the scan limits.
  56. If you use an external authentication server for mobile VPN, which option must you complete before remote users can authenticate? (Select one.)
    1. Create aliases for each remote user's virtual IP address.
    2. Reboot the authentication server.
    3. Add the Mobile VPN user group and remote to your authentication server.
    4. Add the remote users to a Mobile VPN user group on your Firebox.
  57. Which takes precedence: WebBlocker category match or a WebBlocker exception?
    1. WebBlocker Exception
    2. WebBlocker category match
  58. After you enable spamBlocker, your users experience no reduction in the amount of spam they receive. What could explain this? (Select three.)
    1. Connections cannot be resolved to the spamBlocker servers because DNS is not configured on the Firebox.
    2. The spamBlocker action for Confirmed Spam is set to Allow.
    3. The Maximum File Size to Scan option is set too high.
    4. A spamBlocker exception is configured to allow traffic from sender *.
    5. spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Detection is not enabled.
  59. You can configure the SMTP-proxy policy to restrict email messages and email content based on which of these message characteristics? (Select four.)
    1. Sender Mail From address
    2. Check URLs in message with WebBlocker
    3. Email message size
    4. Attachment file name and content type
    5. Maximum email recipients
  60. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Uses full-system emulation analysis to identify characteristics and behavior of zero-day malware. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Gateway / Antivirus
    3. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    4. Spam Blocker
    5. WebBlocker
    6. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    7. Application Control
    8. Quarantine Server
    9. APT Blocker
  61. https://www.watchguard.com/help/docs/help-center/en-US/Content/en-US/Fireware/system_status/traffic_monitor_web.html?Highlight=traffic%20monitorWhich diagnostic tasks can you run from the Traffic Monitor tab of Firebox System Manager? (Select four.)
    1. DNS lookup
    2. MAC address lookup
    3. Traceroute
    4. Reputation lookup
    5. Ping
    6. TCP dump
  62. When you examine the log messages In Traffic Monitor, you see that some network packets are denied with an unhandled packet log message. What does this log massage mean? (Select one.)
    1. The packet is denied because the site is on the Blocked Sites List.
    2. The packet is denied because it matched a policy.
    3. The packet is denied because it matched an IPS signature.
    4. The packet is denied because it does not match any firewall policies.
  63. In a Mobile VPN configuration, why would you choose default route VPN over split tunnel VPN? (Select one.)
    1. Default route VPN allows your Firebox to examine all remote user traffic
    2. Default route VPN uses less bandwidth
    3. Default route VPN uses less processing power
    4. Default route VPN automatically allows dynamic NAT
  64. While troubleshooting a branch office VPN tunnel, you see this log message: 2014-07-23 12:29:15 iked (<-> Peer proposes phase one encryption 3DES, expecting AES. What settings could you modify in the local device configuration to resolve this issue? (Select one.)
    1. BOVPN Gateway settings
    2. BOVPN-Allow policies
    3. BOVPN Tunnel settings
    4. BOVPN Tunnel Route settings
  65. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Controls access to website based on content categories. . (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Gateway / Antivirus
    3. WebBlocker
    4. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    5. Application Control
  66. Match the monitoring tool to the correct task. Which tool can ping the source of a denied packet? (Select one)
    1. Firebox System Manager - Blocked Site List
    2. Log Server
    3. Firewatch
    4. Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services
    5. Firebox System Manager - Authentication List
    6. Traffic Monitor
  67. Which items are included in a Firebox backup image? (Select four.)
    1. Support snapshot
    2. Fireware OS
    3. Configuration file
    4. Log file
    5. Feature keys
    6. Certificates
  68. The IP address for the trusted interface on your Firebox is, but you want to change the IP address for this interface. How can you avoid a network outage for clients on the trusted network when you change the interface IP address to (Select one.)
    1. Create a 1-to-1 NAT rule for traffic from the subnet to addresses on the subnet.
    2. Add as a secondary IP address for the interface.
    3. Add IP addresses on the subnet to the DHCP Server IP address pool for this interface.
    4. Add a route to with the gateway
  69. For which of these third party authentication methods must you specify a search base? (Select two.)
    1. RADIUS
    2. Active Directory
    3. SecuID
    4. LDAP
  70. In the default Firebox configuration file, which policies control management access to the device? (Select two.)
    1. WatchGuard
    2. FTP
    3. Ping
    4. Watchguard Web UI
    5. Outgoing
  71. Which of these services would you use to allow the use of P2P programs for a specific department in your organization? (Select one.)
    1. Reputation Enable Defense
    2. Application Control
    3. Data Loss Prevention
    4. IPS
  72. Which WatchGuard Subscription Service must be enabled in a proxy policy before you can use APT Blocker? (Select one.)
    1. RED
    2. Application Control
    3. Gateway Antivirus
    4. WebBlocker
    5. IPS
  73. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. A repository where email messages can be sent based on analysis by spamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, or Data Loss Prevention. (Choose one).
    1. Gateway / Antivirus
    2. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    3. Spam Blocker
    4. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    5. Quarantine Server
  74. In the network configuration in this image, which aliases is Eth2 a member of? (Select three.)
    1. Any-Optional
    2. Any-External
    3. Optional-1
    4. Any
    5. Any-Trusted
  75. Match each WatchGuard Subscription Service with its function. Prevents accidental or unauthorized transmission of confidential information outside your network. (Choose one).
    1. Reputation Enable Defense RED
    2. Gateway / Antivirus
    3. Data Loss Prevention DLP
    4. Intrusion Prevention Server IPS
    5. APT Blocker